Surah Yusuf (12) 02/08/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Even though Yusuf has become one of the most powerful people in the land he still maintains his humility.

V101 “O my Lord! Thou hast indeed bestowed on me some power, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams and events,- O Thou Creator of the heavens and the earth! Thou art my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Take Thou my soul (at death) as one submitting to Thy will (as a Muslim), and unite me with the righteous.”

Take note of the end of the prayer. Yusuf asks to be joined with the righteous.  Thus, Prophet Yusuf (AS) has succeeded in the test of prosperity by being grateful and humble to Allah, and in the test of misfortunes by being patient and hopeful, something that we all can learn from.

This concludes the story of Yusuf, however two more lessons will follow from this sura.

Continues tomorrow…Insha Allah