Surah Yusuf (12) 30/07/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The  king had a strange dream and asked for its interpretation. None of his advisors could explain it, but the man who was with Yusuf in prison remembered Yusuf and asked for his interpretation.

V50 So the king said: “Bring you him unto me.” But when the messenger came to him, (Joseph) said: “Go thou back to thy lord, and ask him, ‘What is the state of mind of the ladies who cut their hands’? For my Lord is certainly well aware of their snare.”

Before leaving prison Yusuf needed to have clarity on some issues. From here we learn that:

  1. Freedom at any price is often of no value. To prove one’s innocence is more important than one’s freedom.
  1. Yusuf (as) first removed all misconceptions from the people’s minds regarding his role in the scandal, then later accepted his release.
  1. It is an obligation to guard and defend ones reputation.

The story continues, the King  granted Yusuf his freedom . . .        Salaam / Peace

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