Surah Ibrahim (14) 12/08/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

This surah gets its title from verse 35 where Ibrahim (AS) relocates some of his family to the barren lands of Makkah.

Verse 1 : “…. A Book which We have revealed unto you, in order that you may lead mankind out of the depths of darkness into light by the leave of your Lord….”

Verse 1 establishes the purpose of the Quran which is to lead mankind out of darkness to light.  When there is complete darkness, we think of obscurity,there is the danger of being hurt and life itself becomes chaotic . With light however, things become clear and visible and as a result living benevolently and peacefully becomes possible.  Such is Allah’s light of guidance, it illuminates the dangers that lurk in disbelief and transgression and illuminates the path to success and eternal salvation.   It therefore makes eternal living possible – through following Allah’s light of guidance we attain a successful life in this world and the hereafter.


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