Surah Ibrahim (14) 16/08/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Counting Allah’s favours

In verse 31 Allah asks us to establish salaah and keep our wealth open for the upliftment of society.
Sometimes we don’t fully observe these commandments of the Quran, so verses 32 and 33 aptly reminds us of some of the favours Allah has done for us.

Verse 32 “It is Allah Who hath created the heavens and the earth and sends down rain from the skies, and with it brings out fruits wherewith to feed you..”
And if we are still doubtful of being grateful to Allah, He reminds us that His favours are countless.

Verse 34 “…But if ye count the favours of Allah, never will ye be able to number them….”

So when thinking of all that Allah has done for us we are encouraged to pay heed to His message and uplift society through whatever means Allah has blessed us with.

Continues tomorrow… Salaam / Peace