Surah Ra’d (13) 11/08/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Verse 37. “Thus have We revealed it to be a judgment of authority in Arabic.  If you were to follow their (vain) desires after the knowledge which has reached you then you would not have any protector or defender against Allah.”

Two points to note:

  1. The Quran is a judgement of authority,  this simply means that the Qur’an should serve as our filter or litmus test to determine right from wrong and factfrom fiction.  Do we see the Qur’an in such a light.  Yes – The Qur’an (Allah’s final word to humanity) should be the final word on all matters.
  2. Allah then gives us a clear warning.  Since His path is towards peace and justice, if we are to follow other people’s opinions or desires instead of His truth, we will experience turmoil and will have none to defend us against the consequences of our wrong choices (by choosing people’s opinions over Allah’s law we will invite the wrath of Allah).

Lesson to learn:

Keep to Allah’s law and keep studying it so you know what He expects of you.

That concludes sura Ra’d.  Tomorrow we start with Sura Ibrahim inshallah.

Salaam/ Peace.