Surah Nahl (16) 06/09/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Purpose of the Quran : to clarify things

Verse 64: “And We sent down the Book to you for the express purpose, that you should make clear to them those things in which they differ, and that it should be a guide and a mercy to those who believe”

Quraan is a unifying force to heal the evil practices of society as well as resolve differences.

Quraan was sent to:

  1. Bring about unity by resolving differences.
  2. Guide to right conduct
  3. Show the path of repentance and forgiveness

As such Muslims ought to use the Quran as their guide and filter all information, laws, practices etc through the eyes of the Quran.

Continues tomorrow. InshaAllah . . .

Salaam /Peace