Surah Al Kahf(18) 12/10/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 18 (AL Kahf)

With power comes responsibility

18:83 “They ask thee concerning Zul-qarnain. Say, “I will rehearse to you something of his story.”
18:84 Verily We established his power on earth, and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends.”

Zul Qarnain was vested with great power by Allah SWT.  He used his power and skill to protect people from the tyranny and oppression of tyrannical superpowers (the Gog and Magog). His leadership highlights the harmony and balance between power , humility and compassion. His focus was to protect and uplift his people and not to seek self glorification …18:95 He said: “(The power) in which my Lord has established me is better (than tribute):..
Muslims should strive to become like Zul Qarnain,  to develop our power and skill and to use it to establish justice and peace.

Continues tomorrow Insha Allah