Surah Ta-ha (20) 25/10/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 20 (Ta-ha)

Verse 24

“Go thou to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds.”

The mission for Musa (AS) was to go to Pharoah with the message of Allah (SWT). In Surah 28 Verse 3 we read: “Truly Pharaoh elated himself in the land and broke up its people into sections, depressing a small group among them: their sons he slew, but he kept alive their females: for he was indeed a maker of mischief.”

The instruction to go to this oppressor was a tough one and Musa was concerned. He makes a special prayer (dua/call) to Allah in the subsequent verses to make it easy for him, help with his impediment in speech and for Haroon (AS) his brother to help with this mission.

For more on the story of Musa read the first few sections of this Surah and Surah 28

Continues tomorrow …Salaams/