Surah Ta-ha (20) 01/11/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura Ta-Ha(20)

020.124 “But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.

“020.125 He will say: “O my Lord! why hast Thou raised me up blind, while I had sight (before)?”

020.126 (Allah) will say: “Thus didst Thou, when Our Signs came unto thee, disregard them: so wilt thou, this day, be disregarded.”

Those who turn away from the guidance of Allah have a narrow perception of life. Men in his limitations are limited in their understanding of life and have no knowledge of their future. However, Allah, the All-Knowing knows the full reality of all that exists and even knows the future. The committed believer, knowing this, conforms to the Divine laws of Allah as set out in the Quran. In so doing, he lives his life in the widest sense of reality. So, the committed believer cannot be considered to be “Narrow Minded”.

016.097 Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.

Continues tomorrow….InshaAllah

Salaams / Peace