Surah Ta-ha (20) 27/10/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 20 (Ta-ha)

Verses 69-70

“Throw that which is in thy right hand: Quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked what they have faked is but a magician’s trick: and the magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes. So the magicians were thrown down to prostration: they said, “We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses”.

Pharoah’s control over the masses was based on brute force as well as magic and deception to subdue them psychologically.  In this way he exercised total control over the masses.  The task of Moosa (AS) was to free the Bani Israeel from the oppression of Pharaoh and to do this he had to break the psychological control that Pharoah had over the masses.   Thus Allah empowered him to prove the deception of the magicians and destroy what they had faked up.  The magicians for a moment amazed the crowd and caused a fear in Moses but Allah’s support was present and proved that the magicians were using nothing but trickery and
deception.   Truth became clear from error and the magicians became submissive to Allah.

What we learn is that in life, we are faced with all sorts of ungodly behaviour but if we remain firm to Allah’s command the tide will turn in favour of the truth.

Further reference is Surah 2 verse 256 & Surah 21 verse 18

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Salaams/ Peace