Surah Ta-ha (20) 29/10/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 20 (Ta-ha)

A reminder of the day of judgement*

After the story of Moses is concluded, Allah reminds us of the day of judgement where people who  lived their lives in violation of Allah’s commandments will have serious cause for concern and those who had faith and performed righteous deeds shall have no stress or anxiety.   In the
context of the Bani Israeel, we are reminded as Muslims, to keep to Allah’s
commandment and not be swayed by charlatans such as Samiri or the consequences will be drastic on judgement day.

Verses 111-112 “(All) faces shall be humbled before (Him) – the Living, the
Self-Subsisting, Eternal: hopeless indeed will be the man that carries
iniquity (on his back).   But he who works deeds of righteousness, and has
faith, will have no fear of harm nor of any curtailment (of what is his

Continues tomorrow …

Salaams/ Peace