Surah Ta-ha (20) 03/11/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 20 (Ta-ha)

Establishing prayer and doing acts of righteousness.

Verse 132 “Enjoin prayer on your people, and be constant therein. We do not
ask you to provide sustenance: We provide it for you. But the Hereafter is
for righteousness”.

Allah inspires the Prophet SAW to not only enjoin Salaah on his people but
to keep consistency of Salaah as well.   The virtue of Salaah is that it serves as
a reminder of Allah’s ever presence and our subservience to Him (20:14).  When performed with the proper frame of mind it leads us to acts of righteousness and deters us from shameful and unjust deeds (29:45).   One easy way to improve the effectiveness of our Salaah is to understand the verses we are reading and the praises of Allah that we recite in our ruku and sujood etc.  The verse then reminds us that all forms of sustenance emanate from Him for everyone, regardless of belief and this alone should motivate us to serve and adore Him.  Having said so, Allah then concludes the verse by reminding us that the home of the hereafter is reserved for those who live their lives with God consciousness. (7:156)

And that concludes Sura Taha.  Tomorrow we commence Sura Ambiyaa inshallah (the Prophets).

Salaams/ Peace