Surah Hajj (22) 16/11/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 22 (Hajj)

Guidance is from Allah (SWT) and He is the ultimate judge

Verse 16-17 “We have sent down the Quran as clear evidence, and surely God guides whom He will. Allah will judge between the believers, the Jews, the Sabaeans, the Christians, the Magians and the polytheists on the Day of Judgement. Surely God is witness to everything.”

The guidance of Allah SWT is to be found in the Quran,  Allah’s Book makes itself clear and through it Allah guides man to the right path provided they make the effort for the guidance.   Cross reference 19:76 “Allah guides those who seek His guidance”.   How we respond to Allah’s guidance rests with us but we must be certain that Allah will judge all on the Day of the Judgement as He is witness to everything.

Continues tomorrow   Salaams/Peace

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