Surah Furqan (25) 17/12/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 25 (Al-Furqan)

The Ultimate Holiday

Verse 24: “The Companions of the Garden will be well, that Day, in their abode, and have the fairest of places for repose.”

Life is often filled with stress and attention is focused on finding that break, that peace which can rejuvenate us…however even the planning for that grand holiday is often short lived. Here the promise of Allah (SWT) shows us the answer. The eternal home in the hereafter and promised to the Companions of the Garden is described as Mustaqar – meaning a cool, quiet and relaxing place.

The qualities of companions of the garden are further described in Sura 2 Verse 82 & Sura 11 verse 23

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