Surah Shu’araa (26) 25/12/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 26 (As – Shu’araa)

The mission of Musa AS

26:10 Behold, thy Lord called Moses: “Go to the people of iniquity,-

26:11 “The people of the Pharaoh: will they not fear Allah.”

26:12 He said: “O my Lord! I do fear that they will charge me with falsehood:

26:13 “My breast will be straitened. And my speech may not go (smoothly): so send unto Aaron.

26:14 “And (further), they have a charge of crime against me; and I fear they may slay me.”

Allah entrusted Musa AS with a mission to set the Israelites free. Musa communicates his fears to Allah. This shows that Musa AS was a mortal that had fears and shortcomings. However, it also highlights the humility of Musa AS in being given such an important task of freeing his people from oppression.

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah…