Surah Shu’araa (26) 27/12/2015


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 26 (Ash-Shuaraa: The poets)

The Blindness of the Oppressors

Verse 55: Pharoah said: “These (Israelites) are but a small band, and they are raging furiously against us…”

Commentary by Muhammad Asad: Thus the Qur’an illustrates the psychological truth that, as a rule, a dominant nation is unable really to understand the desire for liberty on the part of the group or groups which it oppresses, and therefore attributes their rebelliousness to no more than unreasonable hatred and blind envy of the strong.

The absurd statement of Pharaoh describing the Israelites as “raging against us” shows his blindness to the reality of his own oppression. The very same rhetoric of the powerful nations continues today but with different slogans. History will repeat itself and Truth will eventually prevail.

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