Surah An-Naml (27) 07/01/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 27 (The Ant)

Amend for the wrong we have done with good actions

Verse 11

But if any have done wrong and have thereafter substituted good to take the place of evil, truly, I am Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

The Quran continues to give hope for people that have done wrong. As long as we repent, amend and keep up the good actions, we can hope for the mercy of Allah. The context of this verse is when Moosa AS received the instruction to go to Pharaoh, assuring him that whatever wrong he may have done before can be forgiven.

Cross Ref: 11:114
…for those things that are good remove those that are evil: be that the word of remembrance to those who remember (their Lord):

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah…

Salaams/ Peace