Surah Qasas (28) 17/01/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 28 (Qasas)

Allah responds to the call of Moosa and Moosa responds to Allah’s call

Allah responds to Moosa AS’s call – no sooner after his dua does he find himself employed in the city of Madyan and married.   Allah answers his call.  But that’s when his task really begins. He is commissioned with an onerous task, the task of confronting the greatest tyrant in the world where he was not only wanted for murder but this was the person who nurtured Moosa as a child. It was indeed a great test for Moosa (AS) on various levels, emotionally and physically.  Allah SWT’s work had  to be
done and Allah gives Moosa AS the following assurance:

Verse 36 “He said: “We will certainly strengthen your position through your
brother, and invest you both with authority, so they shall not be able to touch you: with Our Signs shall ye triumph,- you two as well as those who follow you.”

Similarly Allah SWT has given the believers a reassurance that if they respond to his call ( understanding and implementing his Laws in society )they will achieve success. Thus we see that this is a two way relationship .

Cross Ref :2:186

Continues tomorrow   Salaams/Peace