Surah Fatir (35) 29/03/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 35 (Fatir)
Individual accountability

Verse 18 “Nor can a bearer of burdens bear another’s burdens if one heavily laden should call another to (bear) his load. Not the least portion of it can be carried (by the other). Even though he be nearly related. Thou canst but admonish such as fear their Lord unseen and establish regular Prayer. And whoever purifies himself does so for the benefit of his own soul; and the destination (of all) is to Allah.”

Despite our close family ties and love for each other, the Quran lays down the principle of individual accountability.  No one can absorb or lighten the burden of another despite the desire or willingness to do so.  Hence the Quran forewarns us of this and counsels us to warn our close ones to act righteously and ward off evil as this is the only measure of success for entry to jannah.
Cross reference : 2:254

Continues tomorrow… Insha Allah