Surah Saffat (37) 13/04/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 37 (Saffat)

Taking lessons from previous prophets

From verses 75 to 148

Allah SWT refers to aspects of the mission of some of the previous prophets (Nuh, Ebrahim,  Moosa and Haroon, Elias, Lut and Yunus (AS)).
In these stories we find the practical manifestation of the Sunnatallah and each one teaches us important lessons.  The sum total of the message of these verses is that it shows us the difficulties that the messengers encountered, the perseverance they held in serving Allah SWT and their eventual victory.
These verses also serve to reassure the Prophet (SAW) that he was not the only messenger to have been rebuked by his people and that liberation comes with commitment and holding fast to Allah’s commands.
This is a great lesson for Muslims of today finding ourselves living in turbulent times, if we become resilient like the messengers of Allah and hold fast to Allah’s message (Al Quran), our liberation is guaranteed.

Cross reference 11:120

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