Surah Mumin (40) 01/05/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 40 (Mumin)

This Sura derives its name from verses 28-45 and deals with the individual’s witness to faith and virtue and his triumph in the end.  In essence it gives solace to the Muslims who were being persecuted, it warns the persecutors and foretells the triumph of truth and the failure of opposition to the truth.

Verse 1-2
“Ha Meem, The revelation of this Book is from Allah, exalted in power, full of knowledge.”

The revelation is associated with two interesting attributes of Allah SWT.  The first being Al- Azeez which signifies Allah’s authority/power and the second Al Aleem which signifies Allah’s infinite knowledge.   In other words the Quran reflects Allah’s authority and its contents are based on complete knowledge.   No addition or reduction to Allah’s words is necessary simply because He is Al-Aleem, the one with complete knowledge.

Continues tomorrow…insha Allah