Surah Saad (38) 23/04/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 38 (Saad)
Allah’s promise to the righteous
38:49 “This is a Message (of admonition): and verily, for the righteous, is a beautiful Place of (Final) Return.

38:53 Such is the Promise made, to you for the Day of Account!

In the above verses the words convey a message that if we follow the Quran, we will be on the right path and Jannah, a beautiful place, is promised to us.
The verses below talk about those who will be destined for hell – they are the ones who ignored the message contained In the Quran.

38:55 Yea, such! but – for the wrong-doers will be an evil place of (Final) Return!-

38:67 Say: “That is a Message Supreme (above all),-

38:68 “From which ye do turn away!

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah…