Sura Al-Ahqaf (46) 18/07/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 46 (Ahqaf)

*Accusations against Muhammad (PBUH)*

Verse 8
Or do they say, “He has invented all this”? Say (O Muhammad): “Had I invented it, you would not be of the least help to me against God. He is fully aware of that (slander) into which you so reck­lessly plunge: enough is He as a witness between me and you! And (withal,) He alone is truly-forgiving, a true dispenser of grace.”

The unbelievers accused the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) of being a madman, a soothsayer, a forger and an imposter among other insults. This however, didn’t stop him from fulfilling his mission. Nor did he or his followers react with vengeance to these statements but kept focus on the Truth knowing the challenge was in reality against ignorism.

Cross reference Surah 16 verse 103
“We know indeed that they say, it is a man that teaches him. The tongue of him they wickedly point to is notably foreign, while this is Arabic, pure and clear.”

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah…