Sura Fath (48) 31/07/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Surah 48 (Fath)

Freedom of movement and association was a manifest victory

Verses 1-3: (O Prophet) We have opened for you the gates of a manifest victory. That God may protect you against whatever could have caused you to lag behind in the past and in the future. He perfects His blessings on you and takes you along a straight path. And thus God supports you with a mighty support. (Translation S Ahmed)

The Muslims are here told that the treaty of Hudaibiya concluded with the warring Meccans was a manifest victory. This was important mindset change as the Muslims had viewed the agreement unfavorably as there was no territorial gain and the treaty preferentially favoured the Meccans. It however provided an end to hostilities and laid open the doors for them to move unhindered and continue spreading there message. This was indeed a success as the Muslims had taken Mecca in a bloodless victory within a span of two years with the Muslim followership growing exponentially. The lesson is that what we may perceive as a loss may be a victory in the planning of Allah (SWT). So long as we adhere to the message and its teaching victory is a natural outcome. Read also verses 18-20

Continues tomorrow…Insha Allah