Sura Tur (52) 22/08/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura Tur (52)
Verses 7-10

The destruction and confusion on the Day of Judgement

Verse 7-10: Verily, the Doom of thy Lord will indeed come to pass;-There is none can avert it;- On the Day when the firmament will be in dreadful commotion. And the mountains will fly hither and thither.

On the day of judgement the earth as we know it will be destroyed and mankind will be in terror. On this day the realisation of accountability will dawn on those who rejected the message. This will bring about great regret and sorrow to the rejecters and each one will be concerned for their individual salvation.

Cross reference- Surah 22 Verses 1-2:
O mankind! fear your Lord! for the convulsion of the Hour (of Judgment) will be a thing terrible! The Day ye shall see it, every mother giving suck shall forget her suckling-babe, and every pregnant female shall drop her load (unformed): thou shalt see mankind as in a drunken riot, yet not drunk: but dreadful will be the Wrath of Allah.

Continues tomorrow Insha Allah, Salaam/Peace