Sura Najm (53) 03/09/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 53(Najm)

Verses 59-62

The Message of Allah(SWT) ought to be taken seriously

“Do ye then wonder at this recital? And will ye laugh and not weep,- Wasting your time in vanities? But fall ye down in prostration to Allah, and adore (Him)!”

Allah(SWT) concludes this sura by asking the rejecters whether they find the message a strange and astounding message. Due to its clear warning it should not be treated in jest and should rather cause a reaction of concern that should they not repent and amend their conduct their fate will be similar to the previous superpowers such as Ad (verse 50) and Thamud (verse 51). What the message is deserving of, is ones full submission and constant devotion.

Salaam/Peace , Continues tomorrow … Insha Allah