Sura Najm (53) 30/08/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura Najm(53)

Blind following of the mushrikeen

53:19-23 “Have you seen Lat and Uzza and another, the third, Manat? …..They are naught but names which you have named, you and your fathers; Allah has not sent for them any authority. They follow naught but conjecture and the low desires which (their) souls incline to; and certainly the guidance has come to them from their Lord.”

Allah (SWT) exposes the mushrikeen and informs us of the most well known idols of the quraysh. These were names not authorized by Allah (SWT) nor found in any scripture before but came as a result of speculation by the forefathers of the mushrikeen and passed down from generation to generation. Instead of following the truth they prefer their polytheistic ways which could be altered at the discretion of the wealthy and powerful. Now that guidance had come to them they had no excuse to claim ignorance. Likewise this applies to us, if we follow speculation as opposed to truth (al Quran) we will be like the mushrikeen.

Continues tomorrow Insha Allah, Salaam/Peace