Sura Ar-Rahman (55) 23/09/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura Ar-Rahman (55)

The reward for excellence is nothing but excellence

Verses 46-60

“But for such as fear the time when they will stand before (the Judgment Seat of) their Lord, there will be two Gardens……… in them will be Fruits of every kind, two and two……Is there any Reward for Good – other than Good?”

After informing us of the punishment of those who are ungrateful of Allah’s favours, the Quran now describes to us the state of felicity of those who lived their lives with the awareness that they will account for their actions. Their actions were that of “Ihsaan”, meaning excellence and most appropriate. As a result their reward is Jannah which is also most excellent and appropriate. We learn from here that Jannah is earned through hard work, work that is pleasing to Allah SWT. By doing such actions we also show our gratitude to Allah SWT for His countless favours.

We pray to Allah SWT that we become of those who do works pleasing to Allah SWT.

Cross reference – 39:74