Sura Ar-Rahman (55) 24/09/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura Ar-Rahman (55)

All glory belongs to Allah swt

Verse 78

“Blessed be the name of thy Lord, Mighty and glorious!”

The Sura concludes beautifully with reminding us of Allah’s glory. His nature is one of eternal and limitless might and glory. Whilst the sura commences with Allah’s attribute of mercy it closes with His attributes of might and glory. When we consider the sura as a whole Allah swt displays to us His mercy by guiding us and availing us of all the necessities to ensure our existence. When we carefully contemplate upon all of the natural phenomena mentioned in the sura such as the atmosphere, the oceans, the universe and various plants and trees it clearly shows us Allah’s limitless might and glory. The entire sura is meant to bring us to the realization of Allah’s supreme power and glory and that we should lead our lives in accordance with His laws. Hence the most repeated phrase is “Which of the favour of your Lord shall you deny?”