Sura Munafiqun (63) 01/11/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Sura 63 – Munafiqun

Verse 7

The hypocrites encourage tribalism

“ They (the hypocrites) are the ones who say, “Spend nothing on those who are with Allah’s Messenger, to the end that they may disperse (and quit Medina).” But to Allah belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the Hypocrites understand not.”

The hypocrites are bent upon making life difficult for the committed believers; in this case they tried to stir up the ansaar against providing financial assistance to the muhajiroon, hoping that the muhajiroon would leave Madinah. In doing so they were encouraging tribal conflict.

However, due to the commitment of the believers to Allah’s cause, they were able to see beyond geographic boundaries as well as racial/cultural barriers and as such remained firmly united by helping and uplifting each other as is seen in Sura 59:8.

Continues tomorrow Insha Allah