Sura Saff (61) 26/10/2016


With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

With the name of Allah, most Kind, most Merciful

Sura 61 Saff

Become helpers in Allah’s cause

61:14 O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah: As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples, “Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah?” Said the disciples , “We are Allah’s helpers!” then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed.

The disciples of Isa (as) showed commitment to the cause of Allah by assisting him in fulfilling his mission. We must take a lesson from this and emulate them by committing ourselves to Allah’s revelation by spreading its message and living according to its teachings, just as the disciples of Isa (as) did. In so doing, we will become successful.

Continues tomorrow…Insha Allah