Surah Haqqa (69) 20/11/2016

​With the name of Allah, the Most Kind, the  Most Merciful 

Sura 69 – The Sure Reality 

Verses 1 – 3

69.1 – The Sure Reality!

69.2 – What is The Sure  Reality ?    

69.3 – And what will make thee realize what the Sure Reality is?        

Allah describes the Day of Judgement as The Sure Reality indicating to us that this day is a fact that will definitely take place. It cannot be escaped, nor is it a figment of the Prophet’s imagination.   

Here, Allah SWT uses the rhetorical question technique to make us ponder on this inevitable event. It is a tool frequently used in the latter part of the Quran to highlight a point.

Allah takes an oath on The Sure Reality to highlight its importance before proceeding to give examples of preceding generations whom He took to task for violating His commands. In doing so Allah SWT illustrates to us the certainty of the event.

Continues tomorrow … Insha Allah 

Salaam / Peace


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