Surah Mulk (67) 15/11/2016

​With the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful

Sura Mulk (67)

Proportion in the Universe
67:3 He Who created the seven heavens one above another: no want of proportion will you see 

In the creation of (Allah) Most Gracious.  So turn your vision again: see you any flaw? 

67:4 Again turn your vision a second time (your) vision will come back to you dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.

Nothing is disjointed or out of proportion in what Allah Has created.  There is no disorder or discordance in the universe.  All its parts are well connected and in perfect harmony and coordination. From the small particles to the huge galaxies – there is total coherence so that the continuity in the system of the universe is maintained.

We are challenged to return the sight twice.  No matter how hard we probe or investigate we will never see any imperfection.

Continues tomorrow. InshaAllah

Salaam / Peace


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