Surah Mulk (67) 16/11/2016

With the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

Sura Mulk (67) 

Fear of Allah SWT-the basis of morality

67:12  As for those who fear their Lord unseen, for them is Forgiveness and a great Reward. 

The Quran has raised the edifice of morality on the basis that one should refrain from evil in fear of the unseen God, Who sees man under all conditions and Who has given man an everlasting criterion of good and evil. 

Refraining from evil because it is an evil in one’s own opinion or because the world regards it as an evil or because it may entail punishment by a worldly power,  is a flimsy basis of morality because the worldly standards of good and evil have never been the same. They have been changing all the time.

There are two inevitable results of fearing God unseen i.e. Forgiveness and Reward.

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah

Salaam / Peace


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