Surah Nuh (71) 29/11/2016

​In the name of Allah, most Kind, most Merciful

Surah 71 (Nuh)

*A lesson from the plant kingdom*

Verse 17-18

“And how God made you spring forth from the earth like a plant, how He will return you into it and then bring you out again,”

We know from other verses about our creation from dust and that we will return to it. In verse 17 Allah likens our creation to that of plants. If we compare our communities and mankind as a whole to a tree, we will realise that we are all connected and interdependent on each other. For a tree to prosper, every part of it from the roots to the leaves on the various branches, have to perform their specific functions to keep the tree alive.  The lesson for human beings in this is that we should support  and cooperate with each other in the doing of good to enable our societies to prosper. 

Cross reference 3:200

“O you who believe. Persevere in patience and constancy, vie in such perseverance, strengthen each other and fear Allah; that you may prosper.”

Continues tomorrow InshaAllah…



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